is on sabbatical

sabbatical noun

: a period of time during which someone does not work at his or her regular job and is able to rest, travel, do research, etc.

While www.wikirage.com is away, feel free to visit my social networks and other sites I maintain.

Craig Wood on Facebook

Pictures of kids, talk with Family. Local interests, community projects. Seldom updated anymore.

Craig Wood on Linkedin

Professional experience, work connections, contact information, CV.

See some of my Vintage Video Game Collection at Atari Ace

Everything is marked sold on the site right now, but if you have an interest in any specific items or have items to sell, please do inquire.

Some of my collection is routinely on sale at Ebay

I have been using Ebay on and off since 1995. I believe on of my first purchases was a 14.4 Cardinal Fax/Modem, that was super high speed.